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12-Cup Universal Replacement Glass Carafe


Millennium-style universal replacement carafe designed to fit today's newer coffee makers. Packaged with 2 lids for an expanded fit. Designed to fit more than 65 coffee makers. Fits the following: Black & Decker: DCM1400, DCM2500, DCM3200, DE790B, DLX850, Smartbrew DCM2000; Cuisinart: DCC-1000, DCC-1100BK, DCC-1200, DCC-1200BCH, DCC-1200BW, DCC-1200W, DCC-2200, DGB-500, DGB-500BK, DGB-500R, DGB-600BC, DGB-700BC, DGB-900BC; DeLonghi: DCF212T; Hamilton Beach: 40304, 43251, 43253, 44559, 43244C; Kitchen Selectives: CM202; Krups: FME2-11, FME2-14, FNE4, FME4-14, FMF 5, FMF 5-14; Mr. Coffee: BVX23, CG12, CGX20, DR12, DR13, DRX20, DRX23; Mr. Coffee: FTTX85, FTTX95, FTX20, FTX21, FTX23, FTX24, FTX25-1, FTX26-1, FTX27, FTX29, FTX40, FTX41, FTX43, FTX44, FTX45, FTX46, FTX47, FTX49, FTXSS23GTF, FTXSS43GTF, FX25, GBX23, ISS12, ISS13, ISTX95, ISX12, ISX20, ISX23, ISX23BP, ISX26, ISX3, ISX40, ISX43, ISX46, MRX33, RMX23, TF12, TF13, TFX Series, TRX23, VB12, VB13, VBX20, VBX23; Sunbeam: 6000 Series,

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