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Mildew-Free Tub & Tile Sealant, White, 6-oz.

Sashco MildewFree Sealant

MildewFree is a high-quality, kitchen and bathroom caulk guaranteed to prevent mildew growth on the sealant for seven years. It's the only sealant that comes with a guarantee that includes labor costs if replacement is necessary. It creates a watertight seal and prevents mildew from forming on the sealant. It resists damage from abrasive cleaners, but is easy to apply and cleans up with water. A 6 oz. tube of MildewFree will caulk one average tub enclosure. Use around common kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and adheres to a variety of building materials, including Kitchen and bathroom fixtures; Shower surrounds, bath tubs and toilets; Backsplashes and sinks; Ceramic tiles/porcelain; Aluminum/brass/steel; ABS/PVC/vinyl; Acrylic sheet; Glass/Plexiglas/fiberglass (uncoated); Granite/marble/slate; Drywall /wood/cement.

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